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Living Tomorrow

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Living Tomorrow

living tomorrowWhen we talk about innovation need to put examples in the brain that induce specific images. This is important when we want to orient policy towards industrial or consumer sectors where we want to influence.

Living tomorrow is a meeting place that offers three special features. The first a forum for companies to meet each other and exchange ideas and concepts.

The second is a location for presenting your latest products, services or plans to clients, business relations and employees.

The third is a location for literally getting acquainted with the future through guided tours.

Some innovations are advantages that we should be able to make local industry. In the attached video you can see entertainment needs, communication, technology, design, etc. that could be a market for our companies. The innovation itself, if we who generate it, can lead the market where we're interested.

There are also drawbacks. Innovation must be accepted by the market and for this to happen must be coordinated with demand. Should take into account many of the variables that economists have become fixed in mathematical models (ceteris paribus): price, price of substitute goods, consumer tastes, environmental impact, etc..

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